I highly recommend Dr. D.

I visited Dr. Douglas a few years ago for hormone issues related to severe mood issues and depression correlated with hormone imbalances. I had gone to traditional doctors, but they never seemed to listen to me and always kept telling me to go on the pill. I was scared to go on the pill, afraid of the depression symptoms getting worse, but that’s all the doctors would ever tell me. One doctor told me I should take Prozac. That’s when I thought that I should make a change and visit a naturopath doctor. Right off the bat, my first appointment with Dr. D was so relieving. Her ability to listen and the generosity she gave of her time put me at ease. I actually felt listened to and seen as a whole person instead of being treated just for one symptom. After a few blood tests, she was able to recommend some herbal supplements and lifestyle changes, and it truly started me on a journey of really taking more ownership of my health and well-being. I’m happy to say that the PMDD symptoms I’ve had have gone away drastically since I’ve been with Dr. D. She also found that I have a slight thyroid issue and helped with that as well. I highly recommend Dr. D. Her empathy coupled with her knowledge make her a health professional who is truly hard to find.