I first met Dr. Douglas at a seminar she was hosting on maintaining and boosting the immune system

I first met Dr. Douglas at a seminar she was hosting on maintaining and boosting the immune system. She passionately delivered an hour-long seminar packed with great information and provided a comprehensive handout with even more information. Until then, I had never heard a doctor speak so freely on natural and readily available products that provide proven health results! Wow, such a great event.

I left knowing that I would make an appointment with Dr. Douglas to further evaluate my health challenges, and I should have done it much sooner than I did. My first appointment was a dig deep assessment of my physical, nutritional, and emotional conditions going back as far as I could recollect. And this was done in such a professional manner with care and compassion attached to each and every question. During this visit Dr. Douglas made extensive notes which she then turned into a treatment plan which she soon implemented. Focused on natural healing through eating good food, removing sugar, drinking proper amounts of water, and taking the supplements missing from my routine. I started a regimen of acupuncture that was tailored for me and it is quite amazing and then had blood testing done to detail my deficiencies and what needed to be focused on. Never had I been asked to see where my various blood levels were at, and then directed to take steps to normalize them.

I have seen many doctors through the decades, but never have met one who has exuded such caring and compassion as Dr. Douglas. She continuously educates herself and actively follows trends, failures and successes in the health care field. Her endless energy and knowledge is delivered directly to you with total care and concern for your wellness with true professionalism.